Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP)

The Draft GSP is Now Available for Review and Comment!

  • Mound Basin GSA is accepting comments on the Draft GSP between June 23 and August 23, 2021Please submit your comments using Mound Basin GSA’s online comment submission form at  Please contact the Clerk of the Board Jackie Lozano at or 805-525-4431, if you have any questions about the comment form.
  • The Draft GSP is available for review via the four links below:

          Link 1: Preliminary Draft GSP Text

          Link 2: Preliminary Draft GSP Figures

          Link 3: Preliminary Draft GSP Tables

          Link 4: Preliminary Draft GSP Appendices

*Subject to change

To see the Mound Basin GSP Template, click here.

  • Proposed Sustainable Management Criteria Flowchart