James Chambers

James Chambers

Agricultural Stakeholder Director

Mr. Chambers represents the interests of Ventura’s agricultural stakeholders on the Mound Basin GSA as Stakeholder Director.  Nominated to the Mound Basin GSA Board by the Mound Basin Agricultural Water Group in September 2017, Mr. Chambers has been a leading sustainable custom home designer, builder, and general contractor in Southern California for over 35 years.

As a managing partner of the McLoughlin Ranch Tenants in Common, Mr. Chambers has worked directly with farming operators for the past 15 years to ensure the farm is beneficial to the local community and nurtures the agricultural culture of Ventura. The Mcloughlin Ranch, located on Olives Park Drive in Ventura, has been maintained by his family and flourished for 100 years.

Mr. Chambers is also known throughout the San Diego area for his architectural award winning homes in Del Mar, Encinitas, and Solana Beach. Throughout his formidable career, Mr. Chambers has worked extensively navigating city, county, and state agencies, working with architects, engineers, and financial professionals in successfully designing and building custom homes, residential units, and low income housing.

Offering clients renewable energy systems that incorporate water conservation technologies into multi-million dollar residential construction projects, his design and build development objectives have consistently promoted and incorporated renewable energy and energy efficiency.  In fact, Mr. Chambers consulted with the U.S. Green Building Council on some of the LEED certification criteria that is in place today. From the early 80’s, Mr. Chambers designed and installed custom passive and active solar systems for hundreds of residential units in Southern California